Hydraulic cutting machine

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S-201, S-202, S-203
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    • Type:Hydraulic Cutting Machine
    • machine size:2900mm*1900mm*1500mm

    Key Features

    This machine is use to cut plastic, leather, card board or sponge with the shape.

    1. Strong metal sheet: all the metal adopts the high quality strong metal, which will keep the machine in flat.

    2. It offer a steady average cutting pressure which will keep the cutting mould in a best condition for using and will keep the knife in sharp. It will also cutting all sheet production at one time without any loose in cutting.

    3. Adjustable forward and backward pressure: you can adjust the forward and backward speed easily.

    4. Stainless steel cutting cushion: clean, no dust, best one for food container cutting.

    5. Easy operation and noiseless operation.

    6. Two side cutting pressure are separate setting. It will better for mould using time.

    7. Cutting pad is removable device. This machine can set the cutting pad move a bit after each cutting action. This device design for protecting the cutting pad which have a better use life. 


     Specification / Model S-201 S-202 S-203
     Cutting Capacity 20-150 ton. 20-150 ton. 20-150 ton.
     Max. shear stroke 200 mm 200 mm 200 mm
     Net Weight 5000 Kgs 5500 Kgs 6000 Kgs
     Mechanical Dimension (L × W × H) 2900 × 1900 × 1500 mm 3300 × 1900 × 1500 mm 3900 × 1900 × 1500 mm
     Motor 7.5 HP 7.5 HP 10 HP
     Top Cutting Table size 720mm×1400mm 820mm×1400mm 1020mm×1400mm
     Max. Cutting Area 680mm×1200mm 780mm×1200mm 980mm×1200mm
     Max. Cutting Pressure 150 Kgcm2 150 Kgcm2 150 Kgcm2
     Working Pressure 20 – 130 Kgcm2 20 – 130 Kgcm2 20 – 130 Kgcm2
     Cutting Speed 6-8 roundmin. 6-8 roundmin. 6-8 roundmin.
     Oil Temperature Between 15-40 ℃ Between 15-40 ℃ Between 15-40 ℃


    If you want to realize more information,or watch the operation video of our machine, please send email to our business address: sunjau@sunjau.com.tw

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