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    • Application:Commodity,Machinery & Hardware
    • Driven Type:Electric,Manual,Mechanical
    • machine size:1960 mm(L) * 600 mm(W) * 1220 mm(H)

    Key Features

    Taiwan blister packing machine manufacturers.


    It is used for pack plastic blister with card board, aluminum sheet or plastic sheet.  

    This machine have two kinds of packing way, one is direct heating type, another is instant heating type. 

    We had to put the plastic blister, goods for packing and card board on the mould by hand. 

    The advantage of instant heating type : 

    sealing the cardboard with PVC/PET blister instantly, and the cardboard will not deform. The products can sealed perfectly by blister. 



    Seal blister with card board, plastic sheet or aluminum foil. Such as toy, battery, tool packing by blister with card board for hanging in super market. This machine is semi-automatic. 

    1. The mould will move into and move out the packing area by air cylinder.

    2. Discharge the product: by manually.


     Specification / Model  S-23
     Air Compressor (Item by order)  1/2HP
     Heater Impulse Type (Avg.)  250W
     Heater Impulse Type (Max.)  1.5 KW
     Direct Heating Type   2 KW
     Mechanical Dimensions  (L x W x H)  1960 x 600 x 1220 mm
     Weight   115 Kgs
     Mould Size  380 x 600 mm
     Max. Packing Depth  100 mm 
     Max. Packing Pressure  500 Kgs
     Air Consumption (Liter / Minute)  100 L/Min.
     Max. Packing Stroke (Depth)  50 mm
     Max. Packing Stroke (Long)  600 mm
     Max. Moulds installed (pcs mould /machine)  2 PCS
     Min. Moulds installed (pcs mould /machine)  1 PCS


     We accept the special size order.


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