Vacuum forming machine

  • Model No.:S-13C
  • Made in:Taiwan
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  • Product Type:Fast Food Box,Plastic Box

Key Features


Taiwan thermoforming machine manufacturers.

This machine have double heater to heating the sheet from upside and underside of the sheet. It suitable for both thin and thick board forming. The material loading is able to use by roll or board.

It can mass produce packing blister, disposable food container, biscuit tray, ceiling. And it can use sheet materials contain PVC, PS, ABS, PET to make various kinds of boxes, cases, such as cake boxes, meal boxes, toys, sanitary wares, etc.

It also fit to make decoration on soft PVC, for making the special decoration on sheet surface. Such as the cone for speaker or PVC sheet make bag, that kinds of sheet surface have some small decoration will able to make by this method also.

This machine could automatic forming the roll sheet. It also able to use board sheet to loading pieces by pieces.


 Model  S-13C
 Max. Forming area  600 x 1005 mm
 Max. Depth  120 mm
 Temperature control  21 Division
 Heater  Rod Heater
 Max. Load of heater  Upper 22KW,Lower 11.7KW
 Mechanical  L: 2070 x W: 3570 x H: 2710 mm
 Machine floor space  7.4 M2
 Wooden case  540 Cuft. / 15.27 M3
 Weight  2000 Kg
 Vacuum pump  3 HP
 Air compressor  7.5 HP (Option Item)
 Best range of material  thick  0.1~ 4 mm Roll & Board
 Max. Material Thickness  Up to 4 mm Plastic board
 Usable material thickness  PVC, HIPS, PS, OPS, PET, ABS, PP, PE, ACRYL,  EVA, PSP Sheet……etc.
 Operator training  Training your operator for operation,  maintenance, mould making. We will offer  lunch / dinner free of charge during training  time.
 Accessories  1. Vacuum pump.
 2. Operation manual.
 3. Spare part. (Export only)
 4. Vacuum pipe.
 5. Power input cable.


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