Shrink Tunnel Machine

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    • Application:Commodity,Food,Machinery & Hardware
    • Driven Type:Electric,Manual,Mechanical,Pneumatic
    • machine size:standard from 350mmx 150mm to 600mm x 300mm

    Key Features

    This machine is used a shrink film to tied up the production. We also accept size by order. This machine fit for POF, PVC and PP shrink film and other special film. 

    Features: The infrared ray shrink tunnel take advantage of infrared ray to heat PVC/PP/POF shrinkage film without influence the product. Accurate temperature setting is achieved through the latest automatic thermostat. 

    It may be varied as desired to meet various product sizes which provides an excellent shrink packing operations for a wide variety of products. 

    Also, lowering the possibility of film breakage to the minimum for saving packing cost. Speed can be up to 7.5 M/minute. The heater can achieve  operation temperature after 10 minutes.

    The last number of model is 0/1, the thermostator is knob type temperature controller / number type temperature controller. 

    Applications: Food, fruits, salted foods, toy,stationery, drugs, electric, parts, hardware, necessaries etc. 

     Model Machine Size Watts Shrinking Size Oven Long
     S-310, S-311 1180x600x1050mm 5KW 350 x 150mm 700mm
     S-320, S-321 1180x600x1100mm 5KW 350 x 200mm 700mm
     S-420, S-421 1330x700x1100mm 6KW 400 x 200mm 800mm
     S-430, S-431 1330x700x1200mm 6KW 400 x 300mm 800mm
     S-440, S-441 1330x700x1300mm 6KW 400 x 400mm 800mm
     S-421L 1330x700x1100mm 7KW 400 x 200mm 1000mm

    If you want to realize more information,or watch the operation video of our machine, please send email to our business address: sunjau@sunjau.com.tw

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