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    • Application:Commodity,Machinery & Hardware
    • Driven Type:Electric,Mechanical
    • machine size:2150mm X 600mm X 1210mm
    • machine size:1900mm x 1700mm x 1750mm
    • machine size:2550mmX900mmX 1480mm

    Key Features

    Taiwan blister packing machine manufacturers.

    The above picture is the production packed by our packing machine. For blister packing, for tablet packing, for capping bottle with aluminum cap, for skiing packing, we have all of the above machine.

    This blister packing machine is used to seal a PVC or PET transparent blister on card board. The machine action is very high speed. The machine action is about 4~6 second/cycle. It is about 2~ 3 second to heat, 2-3 second for cooling. One cycle could pack about4~12 pcs of production.

    It is depend on the card board and blister size. The mould size is 380 mm x 600 mm. Such as normally betterpacking it could pack about 8 pcs of cardboard. The most special of our machineis our design, it could let your production have a very nice sealing quality.It will average sealing on the card board. 

    Our blister packing machine have several model, S-22 and S-23 only have two mould. S-22 need to move the mould into the sealing area manually. The S-23 will auto move the mould into the sealing area.

    S-25 able to install 4 mould. S-25 is a rotary type. S-24 are able to install 6 pcs or 12 pcs of mould. It is moving by conveyor, and the speed is the fastest.

    Tablet packing machine: our tablet packing machine is S-42. It is a semi auto machine. The speed of production is about 15 pcs of tablet or capsule. It is easy to change mould.

    The capping machine need a lot of manually: we have capping machine S-54 which is fit for aluminum cap to tied up and make screw on it. It is fit for glass bottle or plastic bottle. But the cap should be aluminum cap.

    Skin packing machine is used PVC or PET sheet to tie up the production on a card board. Our model of this machine is S-13 or S-15. The machine packing area is 570 mm x 800 mm. The machine for skin packing also could use to make the packing blister.