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    This machine is design for packing the tablet and capsule which packing by blister with aluminum foil. The standard of the quotation on this machine which including one set of sealing machine, one set cutting machine, one piece of sealing mould and one set of cutting mould for make this production.


    This item cause for sealing the aluminum foil with blister, it should be very accurate sealing in perfect condition. If not perfect in sealing, it will air leaking into the sealing area which cause the packing article damaged for stocking.


    This machine cause is manual type. The user needs to buy the blister or make the blister by a separate machine. This machine is only action for sealing and cutting. The medicines also have to load into the blister by manual. This machine is manual to load the blister into the sealing mould and cutting mould.


     Specification / Model S-42
     Motor 1 Hp
     Heater 400 w
     Machanical dimensions 800 × 700 × 1250 mm
     Weight 200 Kgs
     Packing efficiency 20- 30 cycle/min
     Effective packing area  (L × W × H) 100 mm× 140 mm
     Sealing material Roll material or precutting sheet.



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