Hydraulic cutting machine

Model No.
S-103-25T, 30T/S-104-25T, 30T
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    • Type:Hydraulic Cutting Machine

    Key Features

    These machines are used for cutting products(ex.plastic sheet, blister by vacuum, cardboard...) to fitting shape.
    1.Cutting point preset: None-pressure presetting device, which is ease to adjust and avoid to damage the cutting die.
    2.Timer: It could setting the upward time to match the cutting products high.
    3.Upward the cutting pressure table: It could upward the cutting pressure table at any position, do not need to stop the machine.
    4.Easy operation and noiseless operation.
    5.Two steps of downward cutting action: 
    This device is used for decrease the detraction of knife and cutting form each time of cutting. It will able to use much long period of time compare with one step downward cutting action.
    6.Counter meter: When cutting once, the number on panel will add one. It can pause provisionally and then deduct the number of failure product.
     Specification/Model S-103-25T S-103-30T S-104-25T S-104-30T
     Max. pressure 25 tons 30 tons 25 tons 30 tons
     Net weight 1800 kgs 1850 kgs 1900 kgs 1950 kgs
     Max. cutting stroke 150 mm 150 mm 150 mm 150 mm
     Min. cutting stroke 60 mm 60 mm 60 mm 60 mm
     Motor 5 HP 5 HP 5 HP 5 HP
     Cutting pressure table 495 x 1200 mm  495 x 1500 mm 
     Cutting speed 6-10 cycle/min  6-10 cycle/min 
     Mechanical dimension 1950 x 900 x 1540 mm  2250 x 900 x 1540 mm 
    If you want to realize more information,or watch the operation video of our machine, please send email to our business address: sunjau@sunjau.com.tw

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